Troglodytes are a large semi-humanoid species that inhabits the Basement. They are bipedal, with three fingers and a thumb per hand. Troglodytes are male and female. Their most notable feature is their life-cycle; they become less intelligent as they mature. When young, "Trogs" are capable of rational, even sophisticated discourse. However, as they age, they grow physically stronger and mentally weaker. A full-grown Trog is a feral beast, extremely dangerous and violent. Adults compete with Dornbeasts and Gobules for food on the fringes of Basement society. Young Trogs, on the other hand, are fully accepted into it.

Female troglodytes are 90% likely to die in the transformation.

Older Troglodytes who have not yet fully degenerated and do not wish to lose their minds often choose to take "The Plunge"(E) into the Great Chasm. There is a traditional spot(E) to take The Plunge and Theophan the Recluse sits nearby(E) and talks to Troglodytes heading toward a Plunge.

Troglodytes were kept(E) in the Ettin Zoo but eventually escaped.

Described(E) in Arthur's report to Yasmine.

Notable TroglodytesEdit

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