Spindizzies (singular form is Spindizzy) are one of the species who devote themselves to maintaining the Mansion. They are biological entities with independent thought, but are also part of the Mansion's systems which they cannot leave. They live in special areas, "behind the walls" such as the BaseCore. One of their primary functions is giving new information(E) as soon as it is learned, which can be confusing(E) due to the lack of context.

They are a bit more alien than the Mansion's Gargoyles and have a machine-logic patterns to their speech. For example, they call a person's mate a "reproduction associate"(E). One must be careful to be literal and precise while talking to them.

However, they also display emotions and even name their current emotions. They are very friendly and nonjudgmental, eager to help.


Spindizzies have a human-like head and torso on which they have a pair of arms and wings. Their lower body trails away into a Djinn-like tail. They have human-like arms with three-fingered hands. The bone-and-muscle portion of their wings are colored. Their heads are human-like with noses (or at least nose-like protrusions), ears, mouth and square eyes (females have bigger eyelashes). It is interesting to note that Spindizzies do not use their mouths to talk to each other.

They have two genders that can be distinguished by the color of their wings' bone-and-muscle portion and their scalloping. Females have darker, blueish wings with rounded off scalloping. Males have a brown-red wings with jagged scalloping.

Reproduction is done on a highly practical basis. They are assigned to a Reproduction Associate (on what basis or who does the assigning is unknown). After the fluid details are handled, the pair places the resulting gestalt (whether this is an egg or embryo is not specified) into an incubator-like machine. The machine will eventually release a near-adult Spindizzy after an unspecified time.

The lifespan of Spindizzies is roughly(E) the same as for E Familydizzies have titles. For example, Tanith is a Senior Executive Task Allocator(E).

Spindizzies talk to Gnolls (and possibly other species), but don't think it is important(E) that the E Family knows about the contact.


Each person who visits has an assigned(E) Spindizzy contact who will show up unless on another duty. Known primary contacts:

Notable appearancesEdit

They were first mentioned here.

They are first seen here, on the shelf in a jar.

Living ones are first shown here.


Word of God says that they are not Djinns.

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