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Rosemary Ripley is a very singular young woman who arrives at the Mansion of E at the very beginning of the comic. Although she arrived with Mortimer, she has spent the majority of her time since arriving with Sylvester.

Near the end of the Endless Day, Rosemary and Sylvester decide to hide her identity, so she takes the name Rosemary Aurora Dapple (using her father's last name).

Rosemary warns Sylvester to not repeat her middle name of 'Imogene', but the reason for the warning isn't given.


Rosemary's most notable characteristic is almost total fearlessness. She is remarkably impulsive. Although capable of frightening levels of violence, she does not seem to enjoy hurting other people. She is a very skilled combatant, quite intelligent, a quick learner and a skilled juggler. Although at first she was overwhelmed by the strangeness of every aspect of life in the Mansion, she has come to terms with the situation with remarkable quickness.


Rosemary's father was Connor Sandhall Dapple and her mother was Paprika Pilkington in Moonin province. They died at sea while Rosemary was a very small child. They were heading to Gnomin to Genny when a storm sunk their ship. Rosemary was under quarantine with jibjib pox. She barely has any memory of them. She was brought up by Aunt Eva and her ex-bodyguard/friend Zeke.

Once she grew up, she decided to leave her home-island. She spent a great deal of time travelling and taking up various jobs. She was a farmhand from time to time, she "sharpened pencils" (likely means that she was an assistant) for a man named Erwing. She was even on rigging duty on a ship named Oshinoxtra. She eventually found gainful employment within Hack N' Slash mercenary company, where also she received training and some education.

There, she became a caravan guard disguised as a juggler. Her superior was Baldy. What happened to cause her to leave them is unknown. (Revealed in comic in 2016/2017)

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