The Quiet Room in The Mansion of E used to store powerful magic items. Sylvester described it as a "gap in the Mansion's structure"(E) which keeps magic items "quiet". But the items are still somewhat active(E).

The room is used for powerful or unknown items which may be to dangerous to destroy(E).

It would be dangerous(E) to take a Poke Kit in the Quiet Room. Approaching the room reduced the capacity(E) of Rosemary's Poke Kit. Some other items may have been saved from The Crash due to their proximity(E) to the room.

At the end of the Endless Day the Dohickey left for Sylvester by the Sneeches was added(E) to the Quite Room. Later Rosemary heard(E) the Quiet Room items and talked to them(E) about her role and their behavior(E). Frowgler can also talk to the items in the room and he reinforced Rosemary's message(E).

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