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Welcome to The Encyclopaedia Mansion-ica

The Encyclopaedia Mansion-ica is a collaborative fansite about the webcomic The Mansion of E by Robert M. Cook that anyone can edit!

If you are looking for a more convient way to read previous comics, take a look at Whitehound's archives of the comic! There the comic is more systematically indexed, you can read entire parts with every comic on just one page. Her background and character chart page can be also be useful to identify a character.

The world of this wonderful webcomic is so deep and complex that fans decided it needed its very own Wikia. Here we can collate the mountain of data the comic has given us into a simple, easy-to-reference format.

Places to start:

Any and all contributor input is welcome. Contributors please note that if you're uploading pictures, please remember that ALL ARTWORK FROM THE OFFICIAL MoE SITE MUST BE MARKED AS COPYRIGHTED WHEN YOU UPLOAD IT!

Remember, the articles are for established canon, and the discussion pages are for speculation and so forth. Please come to my talk page with any questions, comments, or concerns. ArchangelM127 13:19, December 26, 2010 (UTC)

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