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Griffington was the 15th Earl of E. He was a brilliant mechanical genius and master roboticist, although he did not have the most brilliant sense of humor. This is why his factory, which was built next to the Mansion, was named the Factor E. His sense of humor was not only crude, but apparently rather vicious. We're not given any examples, but he is said to have inherited the worst aspects of his mother's sense of humor.

He reverse-engineered an "old Ettin gadget" which examined DNA. From it he designed the herediscan devices now found all over the Mansion. (reference)

His minions included Krell, who "poked at old devices," Drowpole, who built new ones, and Strauhatt who was the chief salesman. (ref. for Krell & Drowpole)

He had very short straight hair, so short that in silhouette it's indistinguishable from baldness.

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