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A Gobule is basically a mouth and stomach mounted on two powerful, rubbery legs. They have two sexes. They are the primary scavengers and garbagebeings of the Basement. While they have no arms or hands, their tongues are very long and prehensile. Their entire culture and religion appears to center around eating; public consumption of new or unusual items gains a Gobule considerable social status. They are sentient, and they can most definitely talk--it is their second-favorite activity. Constant squabbling among individual Gobules and Gobule factions keeps them from becoming a menace to Basement society as a whole.

The Gobules of the Basement traditionally give birth in the Fringes, the undeveloped reaches of the Basement. Gobules are born non-sentient and as small as insects. Rather than being raised by their parents, they live as animals until they suddenly acheive sentience. At this point, they either live feral in the Fringes (the unfortunate fate of many) or find a Gobule Mentor to teach them the ways of the world. Mentoring appears to be unique to Gobules, although the Mentoring of non-Gobules is not unheard of.

Eating EventsEdit

To elaborate on the role of Eating Events: any consumption of food that is sufficiently novel (e.g.: Operator) or difficult to eat (such as stealing one of Sina's shroomcakes, a ghast), is called an Event. It is not necessary to completely consume something for it to become an Event, it is sufficent if they are only tasted (presumably if the food in question is sufficently novel). Events require witnesses, usually other Globules that understand the gravity of an Event and preferably a Globule of note (e.g.: Maw). Globule gangs/factions can start fights over an opportunity for an Event.

Notable events:Edit

  • Ningle biting the Operator, while the demon was unconcious (seen here). His success (and thus, some indication on how Events work) is noted by Gorp and Phiga. Ningle thus started the Elevator Fire.

Notable GobulesEdit

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