A Glowing Ball of Light or GBOL is a bioluminescent feeding off a nutrient source provided by the Tree (according(E) to Sylvester). GBOLs are the primary source of light in the Basement. GBOLs are frequently placed inside glass bowls(E).

GBOLs are living creatures which need to be "breed and replaced" ((according(E) to Camora) which leads to the Candle Monks to believe artificial lights should be created.

GBOL breeders are called a Glowmaster(E) by residents of the Mansion and a Gboler(E) by residents of the Basement. Mr. Nevus has an exclusive replacement contract(E) with Gboler Lux of Kine Hall.

GBOLs should not be confused with the much rarer Amorphous Balls of Light.

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