Frederick Gerald Howard Eman is Sylvester's great-uncle and the brother of Quincy. He is romantically involved with the Woman of Mystery, and seems to have an ongoing feud with Amos and Nellie Grubb. He wields a very large axe, possibly as a means of compensating for what he once had (see below).

Fred server as Regent for Willoughby for a year and later as Regent for Sylvester until he retired(E) and the position was taken by Mortimer.


Frederick was once a skilled wizard before The Crash. However, he did not lose his powers in The Crash, but before it, when he accidentally summoned a powerful and dangerous Demon. He managed to magically bind it, losing all of his magical power(E) in the process(E). In a possible case of Stockholm Syndrome, the demon became romantically involved with Frederick. That Demon is the Woman of Mystery.

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