The seven Founding Oracles of the religion of The Brush are Violet, Daisy, Joice, Jenny, Kathryne, Hettie, and Evangeline. They are named, described(E), and pictured(E) in the comic.

There is an description of the Founding Oracles Sylvester remembers from reciting as a kid(E):

  • VIOLET, who carried a book and spoke well the word.
  • DAISY, who carried a staff and guided the flock.
  • JOICE, who carried a bell and sang to the sky.
  • JENNY, who carried a bloom and nourished the seeds.
  • KATHRYNE, who carried a sword and guarded the way.
  • HETTIE, who carried a lamp and walked in the dark.
  • EVANGELINE, who carried love and nothing else more.

The childhood homes of each Founding Oracle have been turned into temples(E).

Sylvester use the names of the Founding Oracles to name(E) some Fern-like plants in the Basement.

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