The Elevator is an elevator between the Mansion and the Basement. Whether the Elevator also has access to the upper floors is unknown. What levels it can open up to is unknown. Currently, we do know that it opens up to Leny Hall.

What is most significant is that it houses and imprisons the Operator. For this reason, the elevator cage is made form cold-forged iron. A sign(E) on the elevator shows it was made by CHARON COLDFORGED ELEVATOR COMPANY Candentown, Florin, YL.

There are an extensive set of rules(E) for using the elevator (another view(E)).

It is also implied that the Operator has access to the Mansion's systems through the Elevator. Which again raises the question about sanity and why use the Operator as an elevator-operator, thus creating this security-hole.

Controls Edit

The list below has the names of the elevator buttons shown(E) when Sylvester and Rosemary took the elevator to look for the Pots Room near the start of the Endless Day. There might be additional rows of buttons above the top of the image, but there is no indication of that (level eight is at the bottom of the second column, and seven is at the top of the third column).

Some button labels are guesses. The elevator might not still go to all of the marked floors.

From top to bottom:

Button label Destination Notes
H Duplicate of the last entry.
There is a special indicator to the left of the button.
A There is a special indicator to the left of the button.
 ?? Hidden by Sylvester's hand.
 ?? Hidden by Sylvester's hand.
 ?? Hidden by Sylvester's hand.
12.2 The ".2" is a guess from the fragment shown.
12.1 Guess.
11 Guess. Hidden by Sylvester's hand.
10 Guess. Hidden by Sylvester's hand.
9 Guess. Hidden by Sylvester's hand.
6 Guess. Hidden by ping.
5 Guess. Hidden by ping.
3 Guess. Hidden by Sylvester's finger.
1 Guess. Hidden by Sylvester's thumb.
RoF Guess: Near the River of Fire?
 ?? Hidden by ping.
 ?? Hidden by ping.
B The Basement The label is a guess from the fragment shown and the intended destination.
H Duplicate of the first entry.

Add image of control panel. Is there another view?

Add description of destination of B. Which pages cover this?

Transcribe list of rules?

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