The Crudbean is a "well-intentioned horticultural experiment that went horribly wrong"(E) with the bean becoming intelligent(E).

The bean was created(E) by Crud and eventually killed(E) by Chunner. Crud believes the Crudbean would have been a worse problem(E) if he hadn't used Nome-grown blobwarts (acquired(E) for Crud by Boffin).

Crazy Rhid gave Crud Sneech-squeezings used in the bean(E) as well as insights(E).

After Cacocala dies all Crud had left was his bean. After the Crudbean was destroyed Crud ended up in Subshaft 44-F.

The Crudbean is an imagined scene(E) fighting Rosemary, which implies either Sylvester or Mortimer had heard of the bean.

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